• The Edtech Africa Tour

    Our third tour: March-April 2019

    Our focus will be skills development & employability

    South Africa



    Ivory Coast


  • You are an African innovator in Education?

    Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you and come visit you!

  • The Explorers

    Svenia Busson

    Svenia is an entrepreneur and explorer in the Education Innovation field. She is the head of LearnSpace, a 2.0 Edtech accelerator. She still continues to travel for the Edtech Tours every year to share best practices. She studied both at the Freie Universität Berlin and HEC Paris.

    Mimi Dedichen

    Mimi is a graduate of the CRI Paris Edtech Master, she worked at the South African Edtech Accelerator Injini for a year and explored many African countries and Edtech ecosystem during that time.

    She studied at Sciences Po, La Sorbonne and CRI Paris.

    Olivier Sabatier

    Olivier is a video maker and director. He travels the world to meet social entrepreneurs and tell their stories. He founded @WProject, to tell the stories of French entrepreneurs abroad and just released his new series on sustainable energy solutions @Wattif

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